Cleaning the Electrolytic Cell of Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator

Scale will form in pools with hard water or from pool water that has not been balanced. Following the installation of the Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator, check the cell once a month for signs of scale formations. Follow these directions for cleaning the electrolytic cell of the Jandy AquaPure Ei Chlorine Generator.

Before you begin, disconnect power to the Jandy® AquaPure® Ei™ Chlorine Generator at the main circuit breaker to avoid risk of electric shock. When cleaning the electrolytic cell, wear protective eyeglasses and gloves.

  • Make sure all of the power sources to the power pack of the salt chlorine generator and the controller are disconnected and turned off at the circuit breaker
  • Shut off any valves to prevent water loss before removing the electrolytic cell for cleaning
  • Remove the terminal cap and cell leads
  • Undo the locking ring. If required, use the locking ring tool provided with your AquaPure® Ei™
  • Remove the electrolytic cell
  • Refit the terminal cap on the electrolytic cell and invert
  • With protective glasses and gloves on fill the cell to the top of the electrode plates with Salinity® Cell Cleaner. Salinity Cell Cleaner has been formulated to clean all brands of salt cells without the need to premix various additives. Leave solution in cell no longer than 30 minutes

In short, the three main steps you will take to clean the electrolytic cell are to undo the locking ring, remove the cell and invert the cell. After you’ve cleaned the cell with Salinity Cell Cleaner, reassemble the electrolytic cell and remember to check it monthly for scale formation.

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