The 4th of July Sale is Here: Save on Chlorine and Pool Shock!

The 4th of July is an exciting holiday for many pool owners who open their homes to friends and family for a true red, white and blue pool party. At our 4th of July Sale on pool supplies, you’ll find tons of discounted pool products for all the summer pool fun you can handle! Our 4th of July Sale starts in June, (June 18, 2012), so your pool supplies can be shipped right to your door with plenty of time to prepare for the July 4th holiday and any pool fun this summer.

In honor of you, our customers, we are offering a customer favorite: Value Chlor® 3″ Chlorine Tablets at $99.99 for a 50 lb. pail; that’s only $1.99/ lb.! These full-strength chlorine tablets provide 90% available chlorine and are UV-protected, stabilized chlorine tablets. Also $15 off at the 4th of July Sale are Suncoast® Complete Multi-Purpose 3” Chlorine Tablets, a PoolGear Plus bestseller because they provide sanitation along with an algae preventer, a descaler, a stain preventer, and a pool water clarifier.

Pool owners also have the opportunity to save 10% on 50 lbs. of 1” chlorine tablets + pool shock combos. You can choose between a 6 pack, 12 pack, or a 24 pack of super pool shock, plus a 50-lb. bucket of Suncoast® Premium chlorine small tabs. Suncoast® Premium 1” Chlorine Tablets are stabilized and dissolve slowly but completely to maintain the proper free available chlorine levels to keep your pool sanitized and sparkling-clean. The Suncoast Super 4-Way Granular Pool Shock in this July 4th combo deal is composed of 47% calcium hypochlorite; it’s a multi-purpose, powerful pool shock perfect for weekly pool maintenance all pool season long.

Pool owners who prefer using granular chlorine over chlorine tablets will enjoy saving during the 4th of July Sale too! Save $15 on 25 Lbs. of Suncoast® Granular Chlorine, which is easy to use; simply broadcast it into the swimming pool. This granular chlorine does not require pre-mixing and is UV protected for long chlorine life.

We are also offering BUY 6 GET 1 FREE on other hard-working pool chemicals like Suncoast® Vinyl Liner/Concrete Pool Shock, Super Shock 4-Way Pool Shock, and Surge Shock Oxidizing Non Chlorine Pool Shock & Swim.

The 4th of July Sale on pool supplies started today, and you don’t want to miss it! The 4th of July holiday is going to be hot and what better way to cool down than a pool party? Chlorine and pool shock will get your pool sparkling-clean, beautiful, sanitary and ready for all the pool season action!

Posted: Monday, June 18th, 2012 @ 12:07 pm
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