Swimming Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser

Adding calcium hardness to swimming pool water will help prevent swimming pool corrosion, help prevent etching of pools, rapidly increase total hardness levels, and help maintain balanced pool water.

Suncoast® Calcium Hardness Increaser is a dry granular product that increases the total calcium hardness in pool water to the recommended range. It is an easy and convenient to use, metal-free pool product that will not stain the pool.

Directions for Use:

Test for calcium hardness with a reliable pool water test kit. The desired range for calcium hardness is as follows:

Vinyl Pools….. 200-300 ppm (parts per million)

Tile and Exposed Aggregate Pools….. 200-400 ppm

Marcite, Fiberglass or Painted Pools….. 250-400 ppm

If the calcium hardness tests less than the desired range, add Suncoast® Calcium Hardness Increaser according to the chart below. Place Suncoast Calcium Hardness Increaser in a plastic bucket already filled with swimming pool water. Do this in a ratio of up to 2 pounds of product per approximate 5-gallon bucket of water. Slowly pour this solution around the perimeter of the swimming pool while the circulating system is operating. In a 10,000 gallon pool, do not add more than 10 pounds of Suncoast Calcium Hardness Increaser per 2 hours.

Note: Be careful when handling this solution. This product generates heat when combined with water. Keep out of the reach of children.

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