Save 15% on Spa Choice® Spa Chemicals

If you are a hot tub or spa owner, you don’t want to miss this; select Spa Choice® Spa Chemicals are 15% off! At the PoolGear Plus 4th of July Sale that’s going on now you will receive 15% off a wide variety of Spa Choice® Spa Chemicals that will keep your spa in pristine condition all year long. Don’t miss these fantastic discounts on hot tub / spa chemicals before the 4th of July holiday arrives!

Receive 15% off Spa Choice® Clear & Sparkle, a fast-acting water clarifier for spas and hot tubs that is specially formulated for hot spa water. This spa water clarifier helps the spa filter remove small particles of dirt, organics and oils.

At the 4th of July Sale on spa supplies you’ll also receive 15% off Spa Choice® Spa Chlorine Sanitizing Granules, a sanitizer for spas and hot tubs that dissolves quickly and completely to provide a steady source of available chlorine in your spa. Sanitizer is the most crucial part of maintaining a clean, healthy spa environment.

Check out the rest of the Spa Choice® Spa Chemicals on sale now at our 4th of July Sale on spa and pool supplies! Independence Day is right around the corner and you will find all the spa chemicals you need to keep your spa or hot tub sparkling-clean and ready for relaxation! Spa chemicals for 15% off include Metal Free, Enzyme Clear, Defense, Clean & Fast Spa Surface Cleaner, Foam Free, Seal A Leak, Bromine Tablets, Bromine Booster, Re-energize, pH Decreaser, pH Increaser, Alkalinity Up, Increase Calcium, Chlorine and Bromine Spa Start-Up Kits and more.

Posted: Monday, June 25th, 2012 @ 12:20 pm
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