Save 15% on Select Suncoast® Pool Chemicals

PoolGear Plus has select pool chemicals on sale for the 4th of July! Some of the many pool chemicals offered at 15% off in the PoolGear Plus 4th of July Sale include Suncoast® Extended Algae Control, All-In-One Algaecide, Ultra Mineral Control, Stop Yellow Algaecide, Stain Gone, pH Plus, pH Minus, Ultimate Water Clarifier, and more! The chance to save 15% on pool chemicals is a fantastic deal for pool owners and allows you to get prepared for a pool season full of fun.

You will only need to apply Suncoast Extended Algae Control to your pool once every three months to keep algae and bacteria away! Three-Month Extended Algae Control works against blue / green algae, mustard / yellow algae and tough black algae. If you have a busy summer schedule, this pool algaecide will keep pool maintenance on track for longer periods of time.

Stain Gone Pool Stain Treatment removes unattractive pool stains from swimming pool surfaces. Just add this pool chemical directly to pool water in stained areas and stains will disappear (pool water must be balanced; call 888-718-7946 for information on pool stain removal)! Suncoast Stain Gone is safe for use on fiberglass, marcite, and vinyl pools and spas.

Living with cloudy pool water? Ultimate Water Clarifier is four products in one! It clarifiers cloudy water, helps prevent pool stains by removing metals from pool water, eliminates oil and scum lines on pool surfaces and improves pool filter efficiency.

You’ll love saving 15% on these amazing pool chemicals in our 4th of July Sale. You’ll always get the best discounts at PoolGear Plus! The sale ends on July 04, 2012.

Posted: Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 @ 12:23 pm
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