Save 15% on Select Solar Heating Pool Products

PoolGear Plus is passionate about reducing energy consumption and extending your pool season. By making small changes to your swimming pool equipment by adding solar pool products, you can save money on energy consumption and get more use out of your swimming pool this year.

Right now at PoolGear Plus’ 4th of July Sale, you can start your summer off with eco-friendly solar heating while saving money. The 4th of July Sale on pool supplies includes 15% off select solar covers, sun rings, solar pills, and solar pool heaters.

Popular sizes of above ground and inground Silver Diamond Solar Blankets design are 15% off! These solar covers are extra energy-efficient due to a special aluminum lining and diamond pattern. Solar Sun Rings come in blue or a fun palm tree pattern for your pool. Solar Sun Rings are also 15% off and eliminate the need to wind and re-wind solar blankets. Another option is Solar Pills, a perfect match for your pool and now 15% off. A Solar Pill is easy to use; simply drop it in the pool’s skimmer basket and the Solar Pill will empty itself after 1-2 days. It will last in your pool up to 30 days, providing an invisible layer of protection. Also 15% off is the SolarPRO pool heater, providing space-saving solar heating for above ground and most inground pools.  Multiple SolarPRO heaters can be connected in a series to increase your solar heating capabilities. All you need to connect multiple SolarPRO Pool Heaters is a Bypass Kit, which is also 15% off!

Add weeks to your summer swimming season with free energy from the sun heating your pool water. Without using solar heating pool products, you are wasting free energy from the sun and possibly paying more than you should to keep the water warm. Take advantage of these deep discounts on eco-friendly solar heating at our 4th of July Sale happening now! The sale is going on now through July 4, 2012.

Posted: Friday, June 22nd, 2012 @ 12:24 pm
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