Replacement Pool Pump Motors with Safety Features

Need to replace your existing pool pump motor? You should consider Guardian – the only replacement motor with built-in-electronics that delivers an added layer of pool safety combined with superb pool pump protection and performance. Guardian Motors are compatible with all pool pump flow rates!

Guardian pool pump motors are unique because they come with a Safety Vacuum Release System (S.V.R.S.*) for suction entrapment protection. These motors are designed to detect changes in the operating conditions of your pool, spa or hot tub, especially those caused by full-body entrapment. This dangerous situation occurs when a body is pinned to a pool or spa drain by a powerful suction vacuum. The Guardian replacement pool pump motor shuts off the motor and pool pump system automatically once an entrapment is detected. Installing a Guardian pool pump adds another important layer of protection to your swimming pool or spa, meeting the highest entrapment safety standards established.

Guardian pool pump motors are easy to install and great for the do-it-yourselfer. Unlike other S.V.R.S.* alternatives, which are typically add-on devices, the Guardian pool pump motor has no external parts or connections to your existing plumbing or electrical systems required. That means the installation of this pool pump motor is basically the same as that of a traditional replacement motor. Re-calibration and temporary function override, if required, can be accomplished with the push of a button.

Guardian motors also protect the pool pump system from conditions such as dry running, blockages, and over-or under-voltage, prolonging the life of the pool pump system. The Guardian is the best S.V.R.S. value on the market! Best of all, in addition to the protection and pool safety features that come with Guardian Motors, you also get a new high-quality motor from A.O. Smith, the leading electric motor supplier to the recreational water industry.

*Note: S.V.R.S. does not protect against four types of entrapment: hair entanglement, mechanical entrapment, limb entrapment, and evisceration/disembowelment.

Posted: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 @ 12:18 pm
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