Pick the Perfect Above Ground Pool in Three Easy Steps

At PoolGear Plus, we understand that picking an above ground pool can be confusing; it seems like there’s a million options! We would like to offer you a simple tool you can use to easily pick the perfect above ground pool for your home in three easy steps.

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Step 1: Pick your pool shape. Above ground pools are offered in oval or round shapes. The shape you choose will usually depend on the area you want to place your pool. Oval pools really take advantage of your available yard space and provide room for swimming laps, pool basketball, pool games, and other family pool sports. Round pools are simple to install and provide an exceptional value; they are perfect for fitting in small spaces.

Step 2: Pick your pool size. The above ground pool size you choose usually depends on three things: yard space, swimmer load, and price. Measure the area in your yard where you want to place your new above ground pool before deciding on a pool size. Take into consideration the size of your family or how many people will be regularly swimming in the pool. You want your pool to be big enough to comfortably accommodate all swimmers.  Larger-size swimming pools are constructed with more materials, so naturally they are going to cost more; there is a pool size available for everyone’s budget.

Step 3: Pick your top rail width. At PoolGear Plus we value dependability and safety. Your swimming pool’s top rail width is usually a good indicator for how sturdy your pool’s frame is; the wider the pool top rail, the more durable and safe the pool is.

These three steps should lead you to the perfect above ground pool for your home. If you would like to view additional information on above ground pools from PoolGear Plus, feel free to view our pool comparison chart or call our above ground pool experts at 1-888-766-5432.

Posted: Friday, June 1st, 2012 @ 1:03 pm
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