Save 15% on Select Natural Chemistry® Pool Products

Our 4th of July Sale is in full swing! Natural Chemistry® Pool Products are specially developed to focus on both the environment and you, the pool owner. Your backyard pool will boast a more natural pool if you use one or more of these eco-friendly treatments for any problems you may have with your swimming pool. With Natural Chemistry Pool Products, it’s possible to have a more environmentally-friendly swimming pool in time for the 4th of July and for the rest of pool season!

Right now during our 4th of July Sale on pool supplies, receive 15% off a huge selection of Natural Chemistry® Pool Products. These pool supplies on sale include Metal Free™, Pool First Aid™, Pool Perfect™, and much more!

Natural Chemistry® Metal Free™ is 15% off and will isolate any metals in pool water and remove new pool stains at the same time! This powerful cleaning treatment deactivates harmful metals in pool water, including iron and copper. You can trust that Metal Free will not add unwanted phosphates to pool water, and Metal Free is compatible with all sanitizing systems and all types of pool surfaces.

Natural Chemistry® Pool First Aid™, also 15% off, will clear up any cloudy water, remove organic waste and make dull pool water sparkle! Pool First Aid is the perfect eco-friendly pool product to prepare for a 4th of July pool party. Feel free to swim immediately after using this pool product; it’s gentle on skin!

With an environmentally safe pool product like Natural Chemistry® Pool Perfect™, you’ll be able to prevent scum lines on pool walls, keep your pool filter clean, and give your pool water a soft, silky feel. At a 15% off discount, this highly-effective pool product is too good to pass up!

The PoolGear Plus 4th of July Sale is a great time to receive savings on pool supplies, including these eco-friendly pool products from Natural Chemistry. Take advantage of these deals now and get your pool supplies in time for Independence Day! Sale prices are available now through July 4, 2012.

Posted: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 @ 12:28 pm
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