Coagulation vs. Flocculation

Most water clarifiers used in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs are coagulants. Coagulants are substances that produce or aid coagulation. All water clarifiers aim to be flocculants, which are chemicals for producing flocculation of suspended particles.

  • Coagulation is the transformation of smaller particles (microscopic contaminants) in the pool water into a soft, semisolid or solid mass. Much of the particles that are coagulated in your pool are caught in the pool filter. However, even some coagulated particles can be small enough to pass through the filters (usually sand filters) and return back into the pool water.
  • Flocculation takes the coagulation process one step further by creating even larger masses of particles through a process known as “bridging.” The bridged particles are bigger and therefore more easily trapped by the pool filter.

Regularly using a pool water clarifier that is a true flocculent can reliably deliver these microscopic contaminants to the pool filter in large masses and therefore produce clean, clear pool water.

Routine oxidation should be performed on your swimming pool through the use of chlorine-free pool shock. Use a water clarifier on a weekly basis to prevent an excess of particle build-up that can lead to the formation of chloramines. The water clarifier will also help to remove as much pool contaminants through the pool filter as possible.

Posted: Monday, June 4th, 2012 @ 1:01 pm
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