Assemble the Salt & Swim Salt Chlorine Generator in 4 Easy Steps

The Hayward® Salt & Swim™ Salt Chlorine Generator is truly a do-it-yourself installation with no gluing required. Installation and pool chemistry quick-start guides are included with purchase.

The Salt & Swim Salt Chlorine Generator is far more likely to install without re-plumbing because of the smaller length of plumbing needed as well as its independence from installation orientation. It also performs better, has a more finely-tuned dispensing capability and can operate at much lower flow rates.

To install the Salt & Swim you will need:

  1. A saw (hacksaw or other) to cut through plumbing
  2. Salt
  3. A drill and bit (wood or masonry) to drill and screw holes to mount the control box

Assemble the Salt & Swim:

  1. Turn off the pool pump. Drain the plumbing. Cut the pipe using a saw and the supplied template for guidance. (Note: Pool must have at least 10 inches of straight pipe downstream from last equipment on pool equipment pad.)
  2. Place threaded nut assembly on pipe. (Note: Assemblies for both 2” and 1.5” PVC pipe are included.)
  3. Position vessel between the cut pipe ends. Tighten the nuts. Attach cell cable cap.
  4. Mount control box to wall or post using drill and enclosed bracket. Plug power cord in to any GFCI. (Note: Requires a 120v GFCI outlet located within 18 feet of pool equipment.)

 In just 20 minutes and 4 easy steps you can have softer, silkier pool water! For step-by-step video instruction, watch this detailed Salt & Swim salt chlorine generator installation video from Hayward:

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