Save 15% on Select Saltwater Pool Chemicals

If you are a saltwater pool owner, don’t worry; your pool chemicals are on sale too! At the PoolGear Plus Memorial Day Sale that’s going on now you will receive 15% off select salinity pool chemicals! Don’t miss this opportunity to get your specialty saltwater pool chemicals on sale before Memorial Day weekend arrives!

Receive 15% off Salinity Multi-Purpose Algaecide, a specially formulated algaecide for pools that are equipped with chlorine generators.  This algae treatment kills and prevents black, yellow/mustard and green algae.  Use this multi-purpose algaecide for weekly maintenance to prevent future algae growth. You can swim immediately after application!

Receive 15% off Salinity Oxidizing Shock, a powerful non-chlorine shock oxidizer, which was designed with salt generated pools in mind.  This non-chlorine shock oxidizer eliminates contaminants and rids your pool of harmful chloramines and irritating odors.  You can get back to swimming just 15 minutes after application!

Check out the rest of the Salinity pool chemicals on sale now at our Memorial Day Sale! Sale items for 15% off include Salinity Algaecide, Salinity Cell Cleaner, Salinity Natural Clarifier, Salinity Oxidizing Shock, Salinity Phosphate Remover, Salinity Stain Control, Salinity Super Phosphate Remover and Salinity Surge Shock. Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and you will find everything you need to keep your saltwater pool crystal-clear and ready for pool season!

Posted: Monday, May 21st, 2012 @ 12:16 pm
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