Automatic Pool Cleaner Limitations

Automatic pool cleaners can work wonders for your swimming pool. Almost all pool owners will tell you that once you own a pool cleaner, you won’t be able to imagine pool maintenance without it! Although pool cleaners do an amazing job getting your pool crystal-clear, they also have their limitations. There are certain steps that need to be taken before putting your pool cleaner in the pool water. Don’t skip any steps and limit your pool cleaner’s maintenance abilities.

                Most automatic pool cleaners are made to keep an already clean pool clean; they are not designed to take a debris-filled pool and make it clear. If you put your new pool cleaner in a debris-filled pool, you will only get a clogged and possibly broken pool cleaner. If your swimming pool has a lot of leaves, dirt or algae in it, you will need to remove the debris by hand first before putting your pool cleaner to work. A mesh pool net or leaf rake is a great way to get large clumps of debris out of your pool.

                Read the manual that comes with your pool cleaner. Is your pool cleaner designed to suck up objects like pine needles or acorns? Some cleaners can only collect specified types of debris. Make sure you do your research when making your pool cleaner purchase to buy one that fits your specific cleaning needs.

                After the pool is free of any visible debris and before using your new automatic pool cleaner, make sure your pool water levels are not too low. Check your water balance and properly balance pool water too. If you don’t balance your pool water before using an automatic pool cleaner, it can adversely affect its operation and performance.

                Next, make sure you clean or backwash your pool filter. Pool filters collect all kinds of debris from oils and scum to hair and bugs. You will need to clean the hair and lint pot of the pool filter with a pool filter cleaner before using your automatic pool cleaner.

                It is exciting to purchase a new pool cleaner to do much of the work of maintaining your pool for you! However, make sure you take the proper steps and clean your pool before placing your pool cleaner into the water. A pool cleaner is a great investment and will save you time and money if taken care of properly.

Posted: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 @ 12:17 pm
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