Above Ground Pool Cleaners Your Kids Will Love

Had enough of strenuous manual pool cleaning? Start enjoying your pool more and throw a bug, diver, or whale in your pool. That’s right – and kids will love watching the AquaBug®, Diver Dave®, or Wanda the Whale®–the most intelligent and fun Hayward® above ground pool cleaners you can buy.

These above ground pool cleaners are designed for all shapes and sizes of above ground or on-ground swimming pools. Using Hayward’s patented SmartDrive® programmed steering system, the AquaBug, Diver Dave or Wanda the Whale pool cleaner won’t miss any unwanted debris on the bottom of your pool! These cute characters gobble up everything from microscopic dust to large debris. There are no debris bags to remove or replace and these above ground pool cleaners don’t require any energy-consuming booster pumps. Quiet gentle movement across the pool bottom makes them a great choice that your kids and grandchildren will love to watch. An improved water circulation system, which pulls water from the pool bottom as it moves, makes these above ground pool cleaners an innovative choice.

These above ground pool cleaners install in less than 10 minutes, without any tools! Note: When installing and using electrical equipment, always follow basic safety precautions. Clean or backwash the filter and clean the pump strainer basket prior to installing an automatic pool cleaner.

Hayward is the most trusted name in pool equipment and these kid-friendly above ground pool cleaners are specifically engineered for the demanding requirements of today’s above ground swimming pools. You’re going to rave about Diver Dave, never be “bugged” by manual pool cleaning again or notice the “whale” of a difference no manual pool cleaning makes!

Posted: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 @ 12:34 pm
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