5 Safety Tips for Poolside Parents


Simply safety steps save lives and ensure safety around swimming pools and spas. Always be on your toes around the pool and especially when watching children. Parent supervision around the swimming pool is mandatory and the best way to prevent an accident. Here are five safety tips for poolside parents who watch children use the pool.

  1. Pull your chair close to the water’s edge to get a full view into the water. Don’t sit far away from the pool’s edge where you can’t see the entire pool surface.
  2. Do a regular headcount of children that you are supervising. If you can’t find a child, instruct everyone to get out of the water so you can get a clear view into the pool.
  3. Step in when there is too much horsing around or rough playing in the pool. Weak swimmers can accidentally be held under the water or children can fatigue easily if the play gets too rough.
  4. If there is a group of adults at the pool, you should always supervise your own children and NEVER assume another adult will watch your child for you.
  5. Adults can get carried away when chatting or distracted by cell phones. Keep your eyes on your child while talking to others and make phone calls or respond to text messages when your children are completely out of the water.

Parents should stay within easy reach of their children when they are using the pool. Children under age 15 should not use spas, but care should still be exercised to ensure their curiosity doesn’t get the best of them. Every poolside parent should follow these pool safety steps when supervising children who are swimming. Tell these safety tips to other parents so that by working together, we can help keep pool season a safe one!

Posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2012 @ 2:31 pm
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