What Do Pool Pumps Do?

At the heart of your swimming pool system lies the pool pump. Pool pumps circulate pool water, which is critical to the filtration process. It is the filtration process that keeps your pool water free of bacteria and algae. Without proper water circulation your pool chemicals won’t be dispersed correctly and evenly.

How Does The Pool Pump Work?

The pool pump draws pool water into the pool skimmer with the power of its motor, which turns at high speeds. The pool water then passes through the pool filter (which can be diatomaceous earth (DE), sand, or cartridge) which cleans the pool water before pushing it back into the swimming pool through the pool return lines. The impeller also continuously turns to bring dirty pool water through the skimmer. Pool pumps have strainer baskets which must be cleaned regularly.

Which Pool Pump Do I Need?

The price of a pool pump is usually determined by its horsepower (hp) and unique features. It is important to determine the desired rate of pool water flow in GPM (gallons per minute) that your pool will need. It is also important to think about other pool pump features such as energy efficiency, ease of service and pool pump durability. An above-ground pool will typically need no more than a 1 hp pool pump (3/4 hp can easily be used with less than 10,000 gallons of pool water). To figure out how many gallons are in your pool and how to calculate the flow rate (GPM) call your PoolGear Plus Pool Care Experts at 1-888-718-7946 and we’ll help you find the perfect pool pump!

The pool pump is the key component of the entire filtration process of your swimming pool. Without a pool pump your swimming pool will quickly become too dirty to use and unsanitary pool water will become harmful to swimmers.

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