Top 5 Tips for Dream Decks and Patios

Your deck or patio can either be a peaceful place with tranquil scenery or a fun spot for entertaining. These 5 tips for creating dream decks and patios will hopefully inspire you to turn that boring outdoor space into something you can enjoy.

  1. Give your deck or patio a new coat of paint. If your deck or patio surface is worn and needs some freshening up, consider a new coat of deck paint. Deck paint in warm earth tones will be the foundation to any type of outdoor décor you want.  Bring the foundation of your dream deck to life with a beautiful color and protective layer of paint.
  2. Provide your deck or patio with shade. You and your family will be grateful for a shaded spot on the patio to escape the hot sun. With the addition of an awning or umbrella you won’t have to retreat to the indoors to relax out of the heat.
  3. Light up your deck or patio with a fire lit torch. Torches around the patio exterior will have you feeling like you’re in a tropical tiki setting in your backyard. Torches provide beautiful outdoor lighting so you can enjoy your new space during the evening too.
  4. Set up an open-air dining space. With weather-proof patio furniture your whole family will be able to enjoy meals outdoors. Having bright accent colors and seat cushions will add so much flair to your new patio dining area.
  5. Add the perfect size hot tub or spa. There’s no better way to enjoy your dream deck than to soak in the hot tub or spa. Pick the perfect size hot tub to ensure it fits on your patio properly. Hot tubs and spas are available in shapes that fit into those awkward patio corners.

Any of these top 5 tips for dream decks and patios will get you moving in the right direction. From hot tubs to tiki torches your patio will be the best room of the house. Create the best outdoor getaway that will meet the needs of you and your family.

Posted: Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 @ 12:43 pm
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