Top 5 Pool Games and Toys

Spring is here and summer is on its way! Your family will splash away the heat while enjoying the top 5 pool games and toys for the swimming pool. There is fun for all ages, from a water-friendly bean bag toss to a floating spaceship that’s equipped with a water squirter!

  1. Chuck-O Splash. This pool game brings a backyard favorite to the water! The Chuck-O Splash is a floating game board and is played just like beanbag toss.  Make as many goals as you can with the six included bean-bags! This pool game is recommended for ages eight and up.
  2. Octopus Toss. This floating octopus has his tentacles outstretched in the pool. Each tentacle has a different point amount displayed. Toss the floating rings and hope to land one around the octopus arm with the highest point value! Add up all the points at the end to declare a winner.
  3. UFO Spaceship Squirter. This pool toy is a UFO-styled pool float that comes equipped with a squirt gun. The squirt gun gets a non-stop supply of water from your swimming pool. With two UFO Spaceship Squirters you can have endless water battles in the pool.
  4. Lil’ Leapers Game. This pool game is suggested for ages four and up but will be enjoyed by the whole family. Floating lily pads in the pool are the landing pads for your frogs. Divide the frogs up and let them fly! The player who sinks the lily pad wins!
  5. Dive Brights. Light-up sea creatures will float to the bottom of your pool. Jump in and try to catch them before they reach the bottom. Each Dive Bright has LED lighting with blinking action. This is a fun pool game for night swimming!

Your family will have hours of fun competing against another in the pool. Bring these pool games and toys with you on vacation for non-stop entertainment!  Any of these top 5 pool games and toys will make pool season an enjoyable one. Note: Alert adult supervision is required whenever any child is in or near a pool.

Posted: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 @ 12:26 pm
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