Swimming Pool Borders

Swimming pool designs are constantly changing; keeping your pool’s appearance updated can be expensive and exhausting. If your pool is looking a little outdated, you would like to cover up water stains around your pool’s surface, or you would just like a change in the overall appearance, then Borderlines™ pool borders are for you.

Pool borders come in different sizes and patterns that can be applied to the perimeter of your swimming pool. Borderlines™ pool borders have an easy DIY application process that involves simply peeling off the border tile’s backing and adhering the border to the pool’s perimeter. Before application, the only preparation is to lower your pool water level nine to 12 inches and your pool’s surface is clean (free of algae, dirt or oils) and dry.

Application can be complete in just one day without the need for expensive installation. Borderlines™ pool borders will adhere to vinyl liners or to acrylic, fiberglass or stainless steel pool walls for years. Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours and you’ll be ready to refill the pool to proper water level.

Your pool will look fresh and new in minutes, and you can tell everyone you did it yourself! If you are looking for a fast, affordable way to update your pool’s appearance, consider one of the many beautiful Borderlines pool border patterns available.

Posted: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 @ 7:21 pm
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