Kreepy Krauly Pre-Installation Checklist

An automatic pool cleaner can help cut your pool maintenance time down, allowing you and your family more time to enjoy the pool. Keep your pool sparkling clean without expending much effort by choosing an easy-to-use automatic pool cleaner that offers the best cleaning performance, convenience, and reliability.

Following instructions is important for the successful installation of your pool cleaner. If you fail to properly follow the guidelines you could damage your pool finish or vinyl. Before you start installing your automatic pool cleaner, review these warnings and safety tips from Kreepy Krauly® in this pre-installation checklist:

Before installing the pool cleaner in a vinyl liner pool:

 Check pool liner closely for signs of deterioration or damage. This could occur from age, pool chemicals, pool wall damage, etc. If you find stones, roots, or other bulky objects under the pool liner, remove them before installing your new pool cleaner.

 If any damage is found, have a qualified pool professional make all the necessary repairs.

Before installing the pool cleaner in a gunite pool or a pool that is partially or completely tiled:

 Repair loose pool tiles and tighten any loose pool light rings.

Before installing the pool cleaner, clean your pool filter system:

 Make sure you clean the pool filter, including backwashing, rinsing, and emptying all baskets. A clean pool system is necessary for proper pool cleaner operation and coverage.

Before installing the pool cleaner, fill the hose with water:

 Always make sure the pool cleaner head is submerged and the hose is full of water before connecting the hose to the filtration system (whether through a skimmer or dedicated wall fitting). Air in the system can damage the pool pump through dry running and overheating.

Before installing the pool cleaner, understand pool cleaner coverage:

 The automatic pool cleaner is designed to rid your pool of debris in approximately 4-6 hours. Less time could be needed, depending on the pool size. The pool cleaner was not designed to automatically clean steps or swimouts or to work under a solar cover. It was also not designed to do initial cleanup for a new pool or when opening your pool for the season.

 If you need to prepare your pool for re-opening, click here and follow these pool start-up instructions.

The automatic pool cleaner may need some minor adjustments to make sure it is operating properly so there is no damage to the pool finish. Although there are many pool cleaners on the market, Kreepy Krauly® pool cleaners will meet all your pool-cleaning needs. Kreepy Krauly® pressure-side, suction-side and robotic automatic inground pool cleaners have been chosen by more than 2,000,000 pool owners worldwide! Follow this pool cleaner pre-installation checklist to ensure your automatic pool cleaner work optimally.

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