ABCs of Pool Care Kits

Now everything you need to keep your pool beautiful and sparkling clean comes as a package deal in pool care kits from PoolGear Plus. Knowing what pool chemicals to use doesn’t have to be confusing; all you need is three pool chemicals to maintain your pool all season long. Let’s take a look at what three pool products come in basic pool care kits from PoolGear Plus.


Fifty (50) lbs. of Suncoast® Value Chlor® 3″ Chlorine Tablets. These chlorine tablets are perfect for floating chlorinators and automatic feeders. Pool chlorine is a necessary component of pool care because chlorine kills the bacteria in your swimming pool. Suncoast Value Chlor Tabs are UV protected and come individually wrapped.



Twelve (12) 1-lb. bags of Suncoast® Super Pool Shock. Pool shock is an extra strong dosage of unstabilized chlorine that “shocks” your swimming pool and rids it of harmful contaminants and bacteria. Pool shock should be used weekly and after rain or high winds bring heavy debris to the pool and after many people use the pool at once.


 Two (2) quarts of Suncoast® Algaecide Concentrate. Algaecide concentrate is the third and final component of the pool care kit. Suncoast Algaecide Concentrate is an excellent algae treatment that will keep pool water free of yellow, green, blue algae and algae slime. This algaecide is compatible with the other pool chemicals in the pool care kit and will keep your pool water crystal-clear and your pool surfaces clean.



With use of these three pool chemicals you’ll never have to worry about the pool being ready for guests. If you follow the ABCs of Pool Maintenance with the ABC Pool Care Kit your swimming pool will always be “show-off” ready for company or your personal enjoyment.

PoolGear Plus offers a variety of pool care kits to meet the needs of your individual swimming pool. Choose from the budget-friendly Basic Pool Care Kit as mentioned above, Deluxe Pool Care Kits for concrete or vinyl swimming pools, and the Premium Pool Care Kit, which contains our top-quality pool products.

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