The Annual 4-Day Sale is Here; Save on Pool Chlorine and Pool Shock!

PoolGear Plus wants you to get your swimming pool maintenance necessities for the best prices. This year’s 4-Day Sale consists of all the pool supplies you need to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready for use all season long.

 The maintenance of your pool doesn’t need to be a chore. Spend just 15 minutes a week on your pool and it will stay clean and algae-free for friends and family to enjoy. Buy your necessary pool chlorine and pool shock at these “shocking” low prices during our 4-Day Sale happening now!

  • Our popular 3” chlorine tablets from the Suncoast® Value Chlor® brand are now available in a 50-pound size! For just $99.99, these large chlorine tablets are priced lower than any other chlorine tablets on the market just $1.99 per pound with the purchase of 50 pounds. Complete® Chlorine Tablets, Multi-Purpose Chlorine Tablets, are 15% off in all sizes – 15 pounds, 25 pounds or 40 pounds! To sanitize your pool, simply place one or two chlorine tablets in your automatic pool chlorinator on the same day once a week.
  • PoolGear Plus is offering four types of pool shock as Buy 6 Get 1 Free at this 4-day sale happening now! Take your pick between Suncoast® Super Shock, Vinyl Liner Pool Shock, Non-Chlorine Pool Shock with Oxidizer, or Surge Shock. All of these pool shock formulations dissolve quickly and are safe and easy to use.  Shock your pool on the same day once a week.
  • Also in the 4-Day Sale, you’ll save 15% on select Suncoast® Chemical Products including algaecide! Pool Algaecide is the final step to a crystal-clear swimming pool. Add the recommended dosage of algaecide to your pool 24 hours after shocking and you’re all set!

Enjoy huge discounts and savings on these necessary pool chemicals during the 4-day sale. You’ll have everything you need at the best prices and you’ll only spend 15 minutes a week on pool maintenance!

Posted: Thursday, April 19th, 2012 @ 12:14 pm
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