Top 5 Tips for Buying Pool Algaecide

Does your swimming pool have an algae problem? Are you staring at slimy green, yellow or even black algae patches in your swimming pool? Using algaecides is the best way to clear up pool algae problems and prevent them from happening again.

Just as there are many types of medicine when people get sick, there are many different types of pool algaecide to choose from when you pool is “sick.” You just need to be sure you’re choosing the correct algaecide for your pool’s symptoms. Use the following top 5 tips for buying pool algaecide to cure your swimming pool’s ailment.

  1. Algae Eater Plus Pool Algaecide. Do you have green or blue-green algae? Green algae is very common in swimming pools. This algaecide clears and controls algae growth in above ground and inground swimming pools. It’s easy to use and you can even swim again just 15 minutes after application!
  2. Algaecide Concentrate. Do you take your daily vitamin? Your swimming pool can use algaecide concentrate as its daily vitamin to prevent algae growth from ever beginning. This is the strongest non-metal based algaecide you can buy. This all-round algaecide is a 50% quaternary and will keep your pool water clear and algae- free.
  3. All In One Algaecide. You don’t need to close your pool during application of this algaecide. Great for use during summer months when the pool is used the most. This All In One Algaecide kills and prevents algae growth and also doubles as a water clarifier. Use weekly to keep future algae growth away from your swimming pool.
  4. Silver Algaecide. This algaecide quickly kills all types of algae, including black algae! Black algae can be the most difficult pool algae type to remove because it anchors itself to your pool’s surfaces. Silver Algaecide also kills bacteria resembling algae that can be pink or red in color. This algaecide effectively works as an odorless bactericide and algaecide.
  5. SeaKlear 90-Day Algaecide. This simple-to-use algae treatment only needs to be applied every three months. This algaecide is convenient for the pool owner who frequently travels. This 90-day pool algaecide kills and prevents blue-green, green, black and mustard algae. Use it as a treatment for severe pool algae by applying 32 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

NOTE: Every pool algaecide has different treatment procedures. Each one may require different waiting times, measurements and precautions. Be sure to follow the instructions on your algaecide for your safety and the best outcome for your pool.

By using these top 5 tips for buying pool algaecide, you are sure to cure whatever type of algae ails your swimming pool. Keep an already-clean pool algae-free by regularly applying maintenance doses of pool algaecide to your pool water.

For more information about pool algae causes and solutions, click here.

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