Top 5 Pool Floats, Lounges and Inflatables

Make the most of your swimming season with the Top 5 pool floats, lounges, and inflatables! Adults and kids alike love to relax in the pool on floating mattresses or get some fitness time in having float races across the pool.  Tow around your beverages in the latest floating coolers, or play on inflatable animals. Here are the Top 5 must have pool floats, lounges and inflatables for the most floatable fun:

  1. Baja II Folding Lounge, by Texas Recreation. This pool lounge is comfortable and folds up and down, making transport easy. The folding feature also makes it easy to store away or bring inside. Texas Recreation pool floats are patented and coated with high-quality, glossy vinyl that is extremely durable.
  2. Monterey Pool Float, by Spongex. This pool float is constructed with unsinkable material and has no need for inflation. This float is made with color penetration so it doesn’t acquire cracks or color peeling.
  3. Wave Cave, by SunSplash. With lots of portholes for crawling and 16 handles for hanging on, kids will love this floating fun house. The Wave Cave comes with a tow rope for keeping kids nearby. 
  4. Centipede Ride On, by Swimline. This centipede is just like a floating water vehicle for kids! They can paddle their connected rings across the pool. Kids will love taking turns being the driver and the caboose.
  5. Tundra Floating Cooler, by Swimways. This inflatable cooler can hold six cans on the outer ring and has the total capacity for twelve quarts (eighteen cans). The Tundra Floating Cooler comes with its own built-in carrying bag for easy portability and storage.

These pool floats are top-of-the-line and will last you many swimming seasons to come. Purchase something you know you’ll have fun in the sun with for the next several years. There’s something available for everyone in this Top 5 pool floats, lounges and inflatables list.

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