The Best Pool Safety Equipment

PoolGear Plus® is pleased to announce that two pool safety equipment products we carry have been featured in an article in Good Housekeeping called, “The Best Pool Alarms and Pool Gates.”  We are proud to carry tested, recommended and trustworthy pool safety products that help keep you and your loved ones secure when near the swimming pool.

Good Housekeeping Magazine submitted seven pool alarms and six pool gates to The Good Housekeeping Research Institute to be tested for effectiveness. The Blue Safety Turtle® Wristband pool alarm and Poolguard® Door Alarm both passed their tests with flying colors. Let’s take a better look in to how these two pieces of pool safety equipment work.

The Blue Safety Turtle Wristband is a waterproof pool alarm system that fastens onto your child’s wrist like a bracelet. The wristband is secured with a key to ensure that children can’t remove it. The wristband works together with the Safety Turtle® Base Station. You can place the base station anywhere up to 150-200 feet away. This pool safety product does not only work with swimming pools, but you can also take it to freshwater (lake, river and pond), hot tubs or spas and while boating. The Safety Turtle is not 100% reliable around salt water and sea water, and you should not fully rely on the Safety Turtle in these areas.

The Poolguard® Door Alarm helps to prevent children from slipping out the door unnoticed and into a dangerous area where there’s potential for drowning. These door alarms comply with all building codes and are easy to install. If a child opens the door, the alarm will start sounding immediately. The door alarm will not stop unless you reset it or the door has been closed for 5 minutes. At 10 feet away you can still hear the alarm loudly at 85dB. The Poolguard Door Alarm allows adults to pass through the door without the alarm going off. If your door alarm has a low battery, you will hear a low battery alert to keep your water area secure at all times.

Selling trustworthy pool safety equipment is something we are proud of at PoolGear Plus®. Thanks to the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, we can all be assured that your swimming pool will be safer with these two pool safety equipment products.

Posted: Friday, March 16th, 2012 @ 2:37 pm
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