Eco-Friendly Hot Tubs


We have all heard of hybrid cars and SUVs, but did you know about hybrid spas and hot tubs? Thanks to DreamMaker, there are now eco-friendly “green$pa” choices that are energy-efficient and California Energy Commission Compliant.

These new eco-friendly spas are called hybrids because they have been given an additional heating system with a two-speed pump that makes the spa quieter and more energy-efficient. Using an eco-friendly hot tub can lower your electrical costs by up to 42% compared to a traditional hot tub. Hybrid spas plug into an ordinary wall socket and utilize 110 volts 15 amps, making them the most energy-efficient spa in the world!

DreamMaker Green $pas are easy to use; just plug into an ordinary electrical wall outlet, sit back and relax! All DreamMaker hot tubs are one-piece, lightweight and portable. If your spa needs to be relocated for any reason, you’ll have no problem moving it to another area. This weather-resistant, eco-friendly spa is so durable that DreamMaker offers lifetime warranties on the spa shell!

There are a variety of hybrid spas to choose from at PoolGear Plus so you can get the spa that’s perfect for you and your family. Eco-friendly spa choices range from a two-seater up to six seats. All seats in these spas have built-in lumbar back support for added comfort. Hybrid spas also come with multiple jet arrangements, features and colors so you can get the spa that fits your home and lifestyle. These spas even come with a beautiful color-changing waterfall feature for added visual pleasure!

Consider a DreamMaker Hybrid green$pa when it’s time to buy a hot tub. You’ll be glad you decided to “Go Green” when you see energy savings in your utilities and wallet! You won’t find a more affordable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly spa on the market.

Posted: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 @ 7:42 pm
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