Eco Chlor X3 Salt Chlorine Generator

The Eco Chlor Salt Chlorine Generator is new at PoolGear Plus! We are proud to be selling eco-friendly products that bring you more comfort and savings. You can say good-bye to itchy, red or irritated eyes caused by dry chlorine. With easy installation, the Eco Chlor X3 can be added to a new swimming pool, or your existing one!

The Eco Chlor Salt Chlorine Generator adds ordinary salt to your pool water. Using salt reduces the amount of harsh chemicals you need to add to your swimming pool but still keeps it purified and algae-free. As your pool water passes through the Eco Chlor X3’s electrolytic cell, the salt is turned into fresh and natural chlorine that keeps your pool sparkling clean.

Salt Chlorination will only make your swimming experience better. Salt water is softer than regular chlorinated water. Using only about a teaspoon of salt per gallon of water, your pool water will be rid of chemical odors and irritating chlorine.

The Eco Chlor eliminates the time you spend buying, measuring and pouring pool chemicals. This salt chlorine generator is fully automatic and self-regulating. You won’t have to worry about changing settings because the Eco Chlor recognizes if the salt content is too high.

This salt chlorine generator is reliable and built for long-lasting performance. Leave irritating chemicals and dry chlorine behind and consider using salt to clean your pool. Enhance your swimming experience with the Eco Chlor X3.

Posted: Monday, March 19th, 2012 @ 4:15 pm
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