Above Ground Overlap Liner Installation Tips

Follow these above ground overlap liner installation tips for a smooth installation process! Your new overlap liner is strong and durable; ensure performance and longevity with proper installation.

Assorted Above Ground Overlap Pool Liners
  • Slight wrinkles may appear after liner installation; they are common and do not affect the warranty. Note: Over-stretching the liner will shorten the life of the liner and will void the warranty. 
  • A vacuum cleaner may be used to help remove the air from behind the liner. Insert a vacuum cleaner hose through the skimmer hole. While vacuuming, adjust the liner with short tugs to eliminate wrinkles.
  • The pool liner is not a structural part of the pool. It is not designed to support the weight of the water but to form a water seal to keep water from leaking from the pool. Water pressure is held by the pool wall and frame and not by the liner. A properly installed liner must be supported by the ground, the cove, and the pool wall. An improperly installed liner will not support the weight of the water; a blowout caused by an improperly installed liner is not covered by the warranty.  
  • Your pool should be left standing with water year-round; do not empty the pool and allow it to stand without water in cold weather. Proper winterization using winter chemicals, a winter cover, and air pillows is recommended. If the pool stands without water in the sun, the liner will shrink.

For more thorough step-by-step installation instructions click here.

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