Above Ground Overlap Liner Installation Instructions

 1. Remove all grass and roots within the pool area plus one foot beyond the pool area. Grass and weeds can grow through the liner material and damage the liner. The warranty does not cover damage from grass and weeds that grow through the pool liner.

2. After ensuring that the surface is level, spread a 2” layer of fine mason sand over the entire bottom area of the pool within the confines of the pool wall. This protects the liner from the metal edges of the pool. Rake out smoothly and hand-tamp to pack the sand. Note: Do not use beach or play sand; it will not compact and will leave footprints. Use virgin material that does not contain seeds or spores. 

Diagram One

 3. Form a 6” x 6” earthen mound or cove by compacting the mason sand against the inside perimeter of the pool wall as shown in diagram one. Note: Preformed Styrofoam pool cove can be used in place of mason sand. Cover the screws on the wall joint with duct tape to protect the liner from being punctured.    

4. When the outside temperature is above 70°F and the weather is sunny, place the carton containing the liner in the center of the pool and carefully open the carton. Note: Do not use a knife or any sharp instrument that could cut through the carton and damage the liner.

5. Unfold the liner, spread it out, and allow the sun to warm it up (four hours minimum).

6. Arrange the liner so the welded seams of the wall and floor fall in the center of the cove. The floor seams should run straight and parallel to the side of the pool. Note: Ensure that corners line up correctly on rectangular or octagonal pools.  

7. Inspect all seams to ensure that they are not open and examine the surface of the liner for holes.

8. Lift the sides of the liner and drape them over the pool wall. Fasten the liner using the plastic coping, leaving the liner loose. Do not pull the liner tight; the floor-to-wall seams must be on the cove (earthen mound). Note: It may be necessary to place a counterweight, such as a filled water bag, on one end of the pool; pull on the opposite end to stretch the liner across the pool floor. When the pool is filled, the water bag will float and can be removed easily.  

9. Start filling the pool with water. When it is approximately ½” full, smooth out the wrinkles on the floor of the liner. Note: A soft-bristle broom may be helpful. Never try to eliminate wrinkles by pulling excess material over the side of the pool.

10. As the pool fills, remove the coping around the top edge one section at a time and adjust the wall length by adding or removing material as necessary. Air pockets may form as the water level rises; this is normal.

11. Allow the pool to fill to within 3” of outlets before cutting in the openings for in-wall skimmers, return fittings, and lighting fixtures. Then fill the pool until the desired level is reached.

12. Attach DO NOT Dive sticker to your liner two inches above the water level. The DO NOT DIVE sticker must be clearly visible.

Assorted Above Ground Pool Overlap Liners

For extra tips on installing your above ground pool’s overlap liner, click here.

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