Sweat Off Holiday Pounds in an Infrared Sauna

woman in infrared saunaToo many big meals and delicious holiday treats leave many people with unwanted pounds by the time the holidays are over. Why not work off the extra weight the easy way – by sweating it off while you relax in a home infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas can help you lose weight in the following ways:

  • The high heat in an infrared sauna (up to 141° F) helps break down fat by improving circulation and helps your metabolism work more efficiently (of course, maintaining this benefit means reducing calorie intake to avoid regaining the weight lost in infrared sauna sessions).
  • Relaxing in an infrared sauna while reading a magazine, listening to music, or just doing nothing gives your body and mind a much-needed break from the tension and hectic pace of day-to-day life. Reducing stress by taking time for yourself makes it much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan and fitness program so you can use all the tools you have available to help lose holiday pounds.
  • The elimination of toxins in your body caused by sweating and increased circulation helps reduce cravings for junk food and improves physiological efficiency by cleansing your internal organs.
  • Sweating, even just from sitting in an infrared sauna, has the psychological effect of making you feel virtuous and gives you a sense of accomplishment that makes it easier to turn down comfort foods and desserts.
  • Because you are sweating, you’ll also lose water weight from sitting in an infrared sauna; while this is easily replaced by drinking water, it can be very motivating and give you more confidence – especially useful if you are attending a party or other event where you want to look your best.

With your new infrared sauna, those holiday pounds will soon be a distant memory – and you’ll have the perfect tool for keeping your stress level down, keeping the weight off and improving your overall health! Read more about benefits of infrared saunas or call 888-718-7946 to find out which of our infrared saunas is best for you.

These statements are not intended to take the place of the advice of a medical professional. Consult your physician to determine if infrared sauna use is right for you.

Posted: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 @ 6:29 pm
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