Spa Maintenance Schedule

woman in spaA regular spa maintenance schedule is the only way to keep your spa and spa water in top-notch shape so you can enjoy your spa whenever you wish. Building spa maintenance into your routine is the best method of ensuring that you never forget to take care of your spa. Here’s a suggested spa maintenance schedule*:

Every Day:

Run the spa pump to circulate the water for at least three hours**.


Test spa water and add sanitizer and water balancers as needed. The minimum is once per week, but the more often you use your spa, the more frequently this must be done. Test spa water before each use to ensure that sanitizer levels are within the proper range. If you use your spa four times or less during the week, use a non-chlorine spa shock once; if you use the spa five or more times, shock the spa twice. Note: Bromine is generally the better sanitizer for spa water because it is more stable in higher water temperatures than chlorine.

Ideal Spa Water Balance
Sanitizer (Bromine) 2 – 5 ppm (parts per million)
Sanitizer (Free Available Chlorine) 3 – 5 ppm
pH 7.2 – 7.8
Alkalinity 80 – 140 ppm
Calcium Hardness 200 – 400 ppm


Clean your spa filter. This assures proper filtration for your spa by removing suntan oil, grease, scale and mineral deposits from the filter.

Every Three Months:

Drain your spa completely and clean it thoroughly according to the spa manufacturer’s instructions. Use the products and instructions in a spa start-up kit to get your next spa season off to a great start.

*This spa maintenance schedule may require adjustment depending on the spa manufacturer’s instructions. Follow guidelines in your spa owner’s manual if they conflict with the spa maintenance schedule discussed in this article.

**Some spas have recirculation pumps that run on a low speed intermittently throughout the day to recirculate spa water. Check with the spa manufacturer for details.

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