Holiday Decorating Ideas

holiday decoratingThe holiday season is a busy, sometimes stressful time for many; between hectic shopping trips, holiday events, and making time for family and friends, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Decorating your home can seem like just one more chore, but keeping it simple is one way to keep your sanity and enjoy the season. Here are some holiday decorating ideas.

Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

  • Choose a theme color: Just one theme color, like green, red, gold, white, silver or blue will provide a striking effect if you repeat it in your front and back yards. If your pool is uncovered, use floating candles that are all one color or a pool fountain for a more neutral complement to your theme.
  • Complement the style of your home: If it’s a colonial-style home, don’t fight it with modern decor. Traditional decorations will make your house and your decorating theme seem made for one another.
  • Create an outdoor “room”: If you don’t have time or the budget to decorate your front and back yard, focus on just one or only a few areas, like the front door, patio, and pool. You’ll get the most bang for your decorating buck if you select areas frequently viewed by guests; for example, if your swimming pool is visible from your den, decorating it and the surrounding area and then lighting it up at night is a great chance for some off-season “use” of the pool.

holiday decoratingIndoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

  • Carry your outdoor theme color inside your home: This creates a more cohesive look, especially for guests, who might be jarred by the effect of a more eclectic style. Use your theme color in table linens, artificial flowers and wreaths, and throw pillows.
  • Bring the outdoors in: Pine cones, grapevines, branches with red berries – whatever your yard has to offer. Pine cones or branches with berries will look beautiful as a centerpiece in a bowl or pitcher in your theme color. Twist grapevines around bannisters or tuck them in around ornaments across the mantle.
  • holiday decoratingConfine decorating to most-used rooms: Most families live and entertain in only two or three rooms in the whole house. Don’t waste decorating dollars in rarely-used rooms; more decorations in a few rooms are much more stunning than the same amount of decoration scattered throughout the house.

With these holiday decorating ideas, you’re sure to find time to relax and enjoy the holidays!

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2 Responses to “Holiday Decorating Ideas”

  1. David Grover Says:

    Great decorative advice!

    Now heed my advice to you so you can spread the word.

    My aunt had her house burn down because the Christmas tree caught fire! She gave a child a candle to hold and she got busy doing something else, next thing she knows the front room is ablaze because the child had lit the Christmas tree on fire. Keep fire AWAY from real Christmas trees, especially when they are dry! Dry Christmas trees burn VERY fast!

  2. rlynn Says:

    Thanks for the warning and for your comment!