Patio Entertaining: Decorating Your Patio

portable campfire

A campfire is perfect for a rustic chic theme for patio entertaining.

Last month’s article on patio entertaining offered tips on preparing your patio by cleaning it up so you’d have a fresh decorating palette. Now it’s time for the fun part – decorating your patio!

The first decision to make is what theme or design to use for patio entertaining. This can be temporary/event-related (i.e. for a birthday party or football game) or more permanent. Other design ideas include:

  • Seasonal/holiday
  • Color that complements your landscaping
  • A particular style, such as traditional, cottage or contemporary
  • A non holiday-related theme, such as island-style or rustic chic
  • An eclectic design scheme born of your own imagination and creativity!

Even if you want to use eclectic decor, it’s a good idea to plan decorating your patio ahead of time so you can make sure elements don’t conflict or clash. Try adding big pieces, such as landscape lighting, outdoor furniture, and patio heaters first, then integrating patio accessories.

The patio accessories you select can either match or complement your theme. For example, if you decided on a rustic chic theme with rough-hewn outdoor furniture and low lighting, you might add a few plaid flannel throws, a firepit or campfire, and even a conversation piece like a saddle to your patio before guests arrive. (If you will be entertaining children, be sure all of your patio decor is safe and kid-friendly). Mason jars or vintage watering cans make great centerpieces for roses, sunflowers, or even fall foliage from your own backyard. After entertaining, reusable items that aren’t weatherproof can be stored or incorporated into your indoor decor as appropriate.

Whatever theme or decor you select for patio entertaining, you are sure to have almost as much fun decorating your patio as your guests do at your party!

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2 Responses to “Patio Entertaining: Decorating Your Patio”

  1. brian@butterfly patio umbrella Says:

    You can actually find pieces and accessories for your patio in the market for low prices. Try picking the pieces the pieces that you really need and not the ones that only think are beautiful. Try also buying pieces that doesn’t age fast. I know you know what I mean.

  2. rlynn Says:

    Thanks for your post, Brian! Yes, durable, weather-resistant patio furniture offers the longevity most people hope for when it comes to decorating their patios.