How to Design a Game Room

game room pool tableA home game room offers fun and relaxation for family and friends and can help create many memorable moments you’ll treasure. Planning the look and feel of your game room carefully will make a big difference in terms of logistics and atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to design a game room.

  • Choose the room you’ll use for your game room. Many families who have basements use them for their game rooms. If you don’t have a basement, you may want to designate a large den, family room, or even a dining room as your game room. Just make sure there’s as much square footage as possible – game tables take up a lot of space.
  • Measure your game room and determine what game room equipment, if any, you’ll have to sacrifice. Measuring your game room helps you to be realistic and create a priority list so you can include most or all of your favorites. But you may need to eliminate some game room equipment to allow plenty of room for players to move around and position themselves at game tables without hitting the wall or something else (this is often a problem with pool tables). Be sure to consider space for game room accessories. You and the other players will enjoy the game room more and spend more time there if you don’t feel cramped.
  • Select the right game room lighting. Wait until all of your game room tables are where you want them before doing this so you don’t have to make lighting changes after setting up your game room. Most game tables need a focused light in order for players to see what they’re doing, but on some game tables this can create glare. Keep all receipts and test out lighting over game tables before committing.
  • Choose game room decor. This is a personal choice and many people already have a theme before they even investigate how to to design a game room. If you don’t have a theme, ideas include posters of one or more famous players of the game(s) you’re featuring, a special furniture style (such as matching sets featuring brass or wood, or a pub-style booth), a neon “game room” or jukebox sign, and brightly-colored floor cushions.

Whatever your final game room design looks like, you are sure to have many hours of fun and friendly competition with family and friends in your home game room.

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