How Pool Heat Pumps Save Money

pool heat pumpA pool heat pump can turn your backyard pool investment into resort-style living almost year-round. Pool heat pumps offer the opportunity to warm your pool water in the months before and after your normal swimming season. Your family will enjoy the pool more if you’re able to keep it comfortably warm and open longer. And compared to natural gas pool heaters, pool heat pumps save money.   

Pool heat pumps are more economical than natural gas pool heaters because they are more energy-efficient. A pool heat pump operates at five to six times the efficiency of a standard gas pool heater. While it’s true that nothing beats a gas pool heater for bringing your pool up to temperature quickly, they can be expensive to operate, especially if the cost of natural or propane gas has outpaced electricity costs in your area.

Pool heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air, intensifying the heat with a compressor, delivering the heat to your pool water, and exhausting the cooler air from the heat pump. Because heat pumps use warm ambient air to do the work, they are a very efficient way to heat your pool. A gas pool heater also requires installation of gas lines or a propane storage tank, while the installation of a pool heat pump is no more difficult than that of a pool pump.

Pool heat pumps operate quietly, cleanly, and efficiently and offer years of safe, reliable service while allowing your family much more fun-filled time in the pool.

Posted: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 @ 8:32 pm
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