Patio Entertaining: Preparing Your Patio

patio decor for entertaining

A clean patio provides the perfect setting for decor.

Patio entertaining is especially fun in fall. Crisp temperatures, beautiful foliage colors, football season, and the availability of great ideas for delicious party food and attractive patio decor make many people look forward to holding their own backyard gatherings.

After the excitement and activity of summer, however, your patio may be in need of some TLC before you use it for entertaining. This article will offer some ideas for fall patio cleaning and maintenance; in our next, we’ll address the fun stuff – patio decor and creating atmosphere.

2 in 1 pressure cleaner

Investing in a pressure cleaner makes sense if you will use it often.

If your patio has a dirty appearance or has stains, pressure cleaning will make a big difference. You can either hire someone to pressure-clean or purchase a pressure cleaner to do the work yourself. The advantage of hiring someone is that it saves you labor and time; the advantage of purchasing your own pressure cleaner is that you can use it whenever you like, decreasing the cost-per-use over time. If you have other items that can be pressure-cleaned, such as a concrete driveway or vinyl fencing, a pressure cleaner may be a wise investment.  

Whether you hire someone or do it yourself, clear your patio completely before pressure cleaning. If you have patio furniture you plan to use for entertaining, move it out of the way; be sure to place any unattractive or unusable items in the trash so your guests don’t have to look at it during your party. Clear the patio of toys, towels, and other items, move potted plants to a safe area, and cover any treasured plants that can’t be moved. Spatters from pressure-washing could fade fabrics or harm plants left in the area.

Depending on the results of pressure-washing your patio, you may want to add two coats of acrylic patio paint to provide a more attractive appearance for entertaining as well as protect your patio from wear. Patio paint is available in a number of neutral colors to complement your decor and enhance your entire outdoor living space.

Now that your patio is clean and beautiful, it’s time to decorate! Our next article on patio entertaining will offer ideas for fall decor.

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