Warm Up To An Extended Swimming Pool Season

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Hey, your swimming pool is family-fun central! So why not extend your pool season with a pool heating system? It’s easy to do with help from PoolGear Plus. From pool heat pumps and gas pool heaters to pool solar panels and solar blankets, PoolGear Plus has all you need to warm up to an extended swimming pool season. And we’re happy to offer the expert advice you need to select the right type of pool heating system for your pool and your budget.

It’s no surprise that the sun is a powerful source of heat. With a solar heating system, you can harness that power to keep your pool warmer and extend your swimming season. Naturally, a solar heating system is the most cost-effective pool heating system available because the power of the sun is free.

How Solar Pool Heating Works 

  1. Using your existing pool pump, pool water is directed through a series of valves to your solar collectors.
  2. Pool water enters the solar collectors at the bottom and rises to the top through the individual tubes of the collector.
  3. As the water rises through the collector, it is heated by the sun’s radiant energy.
  4. The water is then returned to your pool to repeat the cycle until your pool has been warmed by the sun.

Once installed, a solar heating system works by drawing heat through a panel either on the roof or at a 45° angle near the pool. Tubing filled with pool water runs through the panel, which heats the water and then returns it to your pool. If properly installed with advice from PoolGear Plus Pool Tech Experts, a solar heating system can be very easy to maintain. 

PoolGear Plus also offers solar blankets and solar covers in a huge variety of pool sizes to retain the warmth in your pool water overnight or during short cool periods. 

Want to keep your pool warm and inviting for an extra three or four months per year? A top-quality pool heat pump or gas pool heater from PoolGear Plus helps make that possible! Both of these types of pool heaters offer great energy-efficiency and are designed to provide consistent and comfortable pool water temperatures even after the weather has cooled considerably. 

So, what’s a “comfortable” pool water temperature to you? Pool heaters, like other heating units, are rated by units of measurement called BTUs. One BTU is capable of raising the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. So the larger your pool, the greater the required output in BTUs per hour. Most people find a pool water temperature between 78 and 82 degrees ideal, but you may like it cooler or warmer. That’s where PoolGear Plus comes in – call 888-718-7946 to talk to a Pool Tech Expert about your personal preferences, home design, and pool size and style for specialized help in determining the proper pool heating system for you.

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5 Responses to “Warm Up To An Extended Swimming Pool Season”

  1. Gail Johnson Says:

    We have a 24 ft above ground pool that is 54 inches high. We do have a solar blanket. Is there a system where you utilize something like a pellet stove to heat the pool?

  2. rlynn Says:

    Thanks for posting, Gail! We aren’t familiar with any system that uses a pellet stove to heat the pool, but if you’ll call our Tech Line at 888-718-7946, we’ll be happy to help you determine the best heating options for your pool!

  3. Faye@ Pool pumps Says:

    Thanks for informing us on how to warm up our swimming pool. I’ll keep that in mind.

  4. north london builders Says:

    Hiya. I am loving this article. Do you have an rss I can subscribe to?

  5. rlynn Says:

    It’s in the right nav underneath “Subscribe to Our Blog.” Thanks for posting!