Pool Safety Covers: A Comparison

pool safety cover

These safety covers are tough and tear-resistant!

PoolGear Plus carries AquaMaster™ (solid) and Deck-Tite® (mesh) pool safety covers because they’re strong, durable and a better value than competitors’ safety covers. But what makes AquaMaster and Deck-Tite pool safety covers outshine the competition? With AquaMaster and Deck-Tite, it’s all in the details. 

These solid and mesh pool safety covers are manufactured with full reinforced webbing on top and bottom for full grid coverage, with 30% more strapping for greater strength. Triple stitching on all webbing offers extra reinforcing. Most safety covers from competitors do not have full grid coverage, offer double webbing on the perimeter binding seams and rub strips only, and have only two rows of stitching, creating weaker safety covers.

Safety covers from PoolGear Plus also feature industry-leading – not just industry-standard – enhancements, giving pool owners more value for their money. Both AquaMaster and Deck-Tite pool safety covers have 17″ rub strips on the underside to provide extra protection and durability. Most brands offer only industry-standard 14″ rub strips on their safety covers. Full-compression single-spring strength on the springs included with your purchase of a safety cover is an industry-leading 649 pounds; many brands offer single-spring strength of only 415-622 pounds at full compression.

The purchase of an AquaMaster or Deck-Tite pool safety cover also includes a sewn-in identification tag to make future repairs and reorder easy. These are not available on most safety cover brands, making it more difficult to extend the life of and eventually replace your safety cover.

AquaMaster solid safety covers come with two-year full warranties and 10-year limited warranties; Deck-Tite mesh safety covers have two-year full and 15-year limited warranties. Most major safety cover brands offer less-comprehensive, lower-term warranties, giving pool owners less confidence in their investments.  

Last but not least, the fabric of AquaMaster and Deck-Tite safety covers is made in the USA. The origin of the material on safety covers varies by manufacturer.

You won’t pay sales tax or shipping on your safety cover from PoolGear Plus, and the handling fee is just $8.99.  And as if that weren’t enough, PoolGear Plus offers a Price Match Plus 10% program on AquaMaster and Deck-Tite pool safety covers! If you find a same-item safety cover for a lower price from one of our competitors, we’ll match it plus discount your safety cover by an additional 10%. So why wait? Shop safety covers at PoolGear Plus now! 

Posted: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 @ 5:49 pm
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2 Responses to “Pool Safety Covers: A Comparison”

  1. Leslie Degner Says:

    After 10 years of pool ownership last year we finally decided to close down our pool and put on a pool safety cover. We really enjoyed the peace of mind that came with it. No more wondering if the pool pump would turn on when temperatures dropped below freezing – which was often. Or what would we do if an ice storm took out our electricity.

    We also loved how we saved money on our electric bill over the winter since the pool pump wasn’t running for several months.

  2. Pool Nets Says:

    Every year we hear about kids that drown in a pool which makes pool safety fences even more important. Many towns require proper pool safety fences by law