Pool Algae: Causes and Solutions

algae in poolThere are many factors that can contribute to pool algae, but the most significant is not having enough sanitizer (chlorine) coupled with poor water circulation. Here are the most common influencing factors that allow algae spores to grow in swimming pools:

  • Insufficient chlorine
  • Poor water circulation
  • Irregular use of pool shock
  • Pool pump and pool filter not running enough
  • Insufficient stabilizer, creating a low chlorine level
  • Improper pH and alkalinity
  • Too much phosphate in the water
  • A pool finish that is very porous

Green Algae

Green algae is the most common type of algae found in swimming pools. Severity can be as minor as a green tint to the color of pool water or as harsh as dark green fuzzy growth all over the walls and floor, with the water tint so dark that you cannot see the bottom of your pool. Solution: Suncoast® All In One Algaecide

Black Algae

Black algae is not the most common type of pool algae, but unfortunately if you do have it, it’s the most difficult type to remove. The severity of black algae can vary from a few small black spots to entirely covering the pool’s surface. Black algae usually grows in clusters, creating large blotchy areas. It is difficult to kill because its roots grow deep into the pool’s surface and it has a tough outer coating, which makes it difficult for pool chemicals to attack. Solution: Suncoast® Super Black Algaecide and Suncoast® Super Metal Control (softens the hard outer shell of black algae, making it easier to remove).

Mustard Algae

Yellow or mustard algae is a common type of algae, especially in the south. It is most often seen as patches of dark yellow dust that covers various parts of the pool walls and floor. Mustard algae usually starts in corners of the pool, near the steps, by the ladder, and in other areas where circulation is not as thorough. Unless it gets into the cracks, pits or crevices of pool surfaces, mustard algae will brush off easily. Solution: Suncoast® Stop Yellow® Algaecide (pool shock is required to activate Stop Yellow Algaecide).

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