Hot Tips On Caring For Your Spa

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A balanced spa is a healthier spa.

Spas and hot tubs offer relaxation and stress relief after long days and rejuvenation and energy for the day ahead. Spa owners get confused and tense when maintenance problems mean they can’t enjoy their spas. But PoolGear Plus is here to help! Here are some tips on caring for your spa.   

Remember, spas are much different than swimming pools. Four people in a spa is equivalent to having 250 in an average-sized pool. High temperatures and the ratio of people to water means more residual soaps, deodorants, perfumes, natural body oils and perspiration are released into the water. This can create organic contaminants, which can only be eliminated using specially-formulated spa products.     

As with a pool, the two most important items when it comes to caring for your spa are sanitizing and water balancing. The biggest consideration is whether to use chlorine or bromine for sanitizing your spa. Both are effective in daily sanitizing. However, chlorine breaks down faster at higher temperatures and can release strong odors. Bromine has become popular for spa sanitizing because it is less harsh to the skin and has less odor than chlorine when used in spa water. Test your spa water twice weekly all year round and balance as needed.     

Shocking your spa on a weekly basis is essential to maintaining the perfect spa water balance and to the overall care of your spa. Unlike swimming pools, spas are shocked with a non-chlorine spa shock or oxidizer that eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants. You should also shock your spa water after each use.      

Other tips on caring for your spa:      

  • Use a hand skimmer or spa vacuum to keep your spa clean of leaves, gravel and debris.
  • The spa pump and filter should run for two hours each day, even if you don’t plan to use it.
  • Make sure the water level in your spa is approximately in the center of the skimmer opening.
  • If available, check and clean the skimmer basket and the pump strainer basket weekly.
  • Use a spa cover to help retain heat, prevent evaporation, and keep debris out of the water.
  • Your spa should be completely drained and cleaned about every two months.
  • Use only chemicals and products that are specifically designed for spa use.

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