Help Kids Beat the Heat with Pool Toys

Your swimming pool already offers many hours of fun in the sun, but you’ll really help kids – and adults – beat the heat with these great pool toys and games!*

Skip N Splash BallsCoop® Skip ‘N Splash Balls™ are made of soft and safe neoprene – toss, skip, or splash ’em! For ages five and up, Skip ‘N Splash balls encourage kids to play hard, strengthening hand-eye coordination and instilling a love of sports that can last a lifetime.

The Kool Tray & Game Board, which comes in three great colors, offers hours of comfort, convenience, and fun in your pool. The floating tray side features nine holes of various sizes to accommodate a mixed assortment of snacks, beverages, containers, and personal articles. Or, just flip the tray over for hours of fun with your favorite Checkers opponent!

jumbo water gunThe Waterball 175, a PoolGear Plus bestseller, is the perfect water gun for an awesome water fight. This jumbo water gun can shoot 40 balls of water per minute up to 15 feet, so you can feel confident starting a water war!

Dive Racers pool toys help create a challenging chase game that is high-energy fun for speedy swimmers. When the rocket hits the bottom of the pool, three divers launch to the surface; kids five and up try to catch the divers before they reach the surface of the water. 

miniature mermaids pool toysFairy Tales Miniature Mermaids are perfect for imaginative play in the pool! Each collectible doll comes with her very own seahorse friend and seashell comb. Fairy Tales make great party favors for birthday pool parties too! Ages five and up.

Another PoolGear Plus bestseller, the Power Blaster Dual Squirter Set, lets kids combine a fun float with non-stop water pistol dueling action. With heavy-duty vinyl construction and a constant water supply, the Power Blaster is powerful head-to-head action for two kids.

*Note: Pool toys are not safety devices. Alert adult supervision is required.

Posted: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 @ 7:39 pm
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2 Responses to “Help Kids Beat the Heat with Pool Toys”

  1. Playmobil Animal Clinic Says:

    Aside from enjoying swimming,this pool toys will surely add much fun and thrill to the family. This will also help avoid kids from being bored.

  2. Leslie Degner Says:

    Some of the favorite pool toys at our pool this summer were dive toys and swimming pool hoops that sat on the bottom of the pool.

    With kids learning to dive and to swim underwater, they loved swimming under the water more than on top of the water.