Creating a Backyard Oasis

swimming pool backyard oasisIn today’s economy, staycations are becoming increasingly popular, and many people are trying to add value to their homes. One way to make your family’s time at home more enjoyable as well as increase the home’s value is by creating a backyard oasis for relaxing and entertaining.

Owning a swimming pool means you already have a head start on your outdoor retreat. You can escape to your own backyard for a fun family gathering or have a party with pool toys and floats to entertain friends, and many homebuyers will be delighted to see that you have a pool should you decide to put your house on the market. Updating your swimming pool and/or the surrounding landscaping will take your backyard oasis to a new level.

First, decide on the overall look and feel you want for your outdoor living space. Do you want to keep things casual or would you prefer a more formal space? Would you rather have lots of color or does a monochromatic color scheme fit your taste better?

Next, consider which elements of backyard living will fit your lifestyle and budget. If you want to keep things simple, consider:

  • updating your pool liner
  • refinishing your patio or deck
  • adding outdoor furniture
  • adding a grill or brick oven
  • updating lighting
  • adding new plants
  • decorating with a pool fountain, new cushions for chairs, and candles for the pool and tables

If you want your new backyard oasis to be more lavish, ideas include:

  • a complete swimming pool renovation
  • incorporating a water feature
  • custom pool decking
  • an elaborate cooking area with a full-range grill, sink, refrigerator and bar
  • new landscaping
  • upgrading or adding fencing
  • a patio or deck redesign and rebuild
  • building a pavilion, cabana, or pool house

Most backyard renovations are ongoing efforts, but as long as you plan strategically so you know what the finished design should look like, nearly any project you take on will both increase your family’s enjoyment of the pool area and add value to your home.

Posted: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 @ 5:14 pm
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