After the Storm: Pool Maintenance Tips

Sunbeams Piercing Storm CloudsSevere weather can cause damage to your pool that is expensive and time-consuming to repair. Follow our guidelines for protecting your pool from storms. Once the storm has passed, these tips will help you get your pool in swimmable shape again. 

  • Immediately remove branches, mulch and other foreign matter from the swimming pool before you run the pool pump to prevent clogging the suction lines. If you have to enter your pool to clear debris, make sure you wear shoes to avoid injury to your feet. 
  • If you lost power during the storm, remember to reset your circuit breakers and pump timer(s) when electricity is restored.
  • Remove any covering from the motor or other pool equipment to allow for airflow. If the pump motor has been submerged, it should be removed for professional cleaning and drying.
  • Return the pool water to its proper level. Empty the pool pump and skimmer baskets and open the appropriate valves to allow water to circulate properly when the pump is turned back on.
  • Add a dose of pool shock to your pool and circulate continuously until water clarity returns. Clean or backwash pool filters several times over the following days; recharge with new DE if applicable. There will be a higher volume of debris and particulate in pool water than normal for a few days, so your filter will need more attention. 
  • Test pool water and add the necessary water balancers to bring pool water back into balance. For expert assistance with your pool water test results, call 888-718-7946. Note: After it rains, always circulate pool water for at least two hours prior to collecting a sample. This will combine the chemically-treated water with rainwater to ensure an accurate sample.
  • Repair or replace any screens, doors, fences, or gates used to prevent children from entering your pool unattended. Do not allow children in areas near the pool until repairs have been made. 
  • Resume normal pool use when pool water is clean and clear. 

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