Special Buy on Bromine Tablets

bromine for poolsWe’re pleased to announce a Special Buy on Pool Basics® Bromine Tablets! Right now at PoolGear Plus®, you can purchase bromine tablets for as low as $2.88/lb. with the purchase of 45 lbs. This is an unbeatable price!

Pool Basics bromine tablets are bromine-releasing products for disinfecting swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs that use bromine as a sanitizer. At as low as $129.99 for a 45-lb. pail, Pool Basics Bromine Tablets offer pool and spa owners the benefits of sanitizing with bromine at warehouse pricing. 

Pool Basics Bromine Tablets:

  • contain more available bromine than any other disinfectant
  • contain absolutely no chlorine
  • have a very mild odor with no strong fumes, making them an excellent choice for indoor pools and hot tubs
  • have a nearly neutral pH so they have a minimal impact on water balance
  • are stabilized against degradation by sunlight, making them a great option for outdoor use
  • have a low level of corrosiveness to help protect pool and spa equipment and finishes
  • are designed for use with all types of pool and hot tub filters
  • will not fade vinyl liners at normal use levels

PoolGear Plus is proud to be offering a top-quality product at such a great price.  Pool Basics bromine tablets will provide outstanding sanitizing properties for your bromine-sanitized pool, spa, or hot tub at a very affordable price.   

Posted: Friday, June 24th, 2011 @ 7:44 pm
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