Above Ground Pool Covers and Liners

The Ins & Outs of Above Ground Pool Care: Covers & Liners

above ground poolThe biggest difference between caring for an above ground swimming pool versus an inground pool is in the tools you use.  The basic rules that apply to water chemistry for inground swimming pools also apply to your above ground pool.  The water must stay balanced, you should follow the ABCs of Pool Maintenance to keep your pool its cleanest and healthiest, and you should keep your above ground pool free from debris.

Pool covers, blankets, blanket reels, liners, pumps, motors, filters and skimmers are specifically designed for above ground pools to help extend the life of both the pool accessory or equipment item and your pool.  Even natural gas pool heaters, which many above ground pool owners invest in so they can extend their swimming seasons, are much smaller than those you would use for an inground pool. 

Winter pool covers vary in style and price.  An economy winter pool cover offers great winter protection at an affordable price.  Look for a strong weave that is coated with UV protection for durability and resistance to pool chemicals, cold, and sunlight.  Higher-end winter pool covers are more expensive than economy covers, but they offer many advantages including top-quality cover material with higher puncture resistance and protection against dragging, as well as a more attractive appearance. 

There are variations in features and price among pool liners for above ground pools as well.  In general, the thicker the pool liner, the more resistant it is to being punctured by stones and pool toys.  Above ground pool liners come in many different shapes, sizes, and patterns, including tile mosaics, marble looks, fun fish designs, and more.  When you need a replacement pool liner, PoolGear Plus can help!

When it comes to pool cleaners and pool equipment, be sure to choose those that are designed exclusively for use with above ground pools.  Just as you would never use a steel pool brush on a vinyl pool liner, you shouldn’t expect an inground automatic cleaner to work on your above ground swimming pool.  There are also pool pump and filter combination packs designed just for above ground pools. 

In addition to pool covers, liners, cleaners, and equipment, there are many above ground pool entry systems to choose from, including in-pool steps, removable safety ladders, and pool ladders that attach to decks.  With the proper pool maintenance routine, pool equipment, and pool accessories, your above-ground pool will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family. 

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4 Responses to “Above Ground Pool Covers and Liners”

  1. Dave Says:

    (NOTE: Winter covers are not 100% water barriers. Water seepage is a normal occurrence.)

    1. Keep some water (1-3 inches) on your cover. This helps to prevent wind damage. Use quick clips on the aboveground winter cover in high wind areas to keep it secure. Fill water bags only 2/3 of the way so there is room for ice expansion.

    2. Remove excessive water (anything more than 3 inches) from the cover during the off-season. If you use an electric pump, make sure you put a Frisbee or similar object under the pump. If you don’t you may draw your pool water through the cover. You should also remove the leaves from the cover before the first freeze. If they remain on top, they will rot and seep through the cover and contaminate your pool.

    3. In the early spring, raise the water to normal swimming height (half-skimmer). If the water has started to turn color (look under the cover, immediately add algaecide to the pool under the cover

    If excessive weight is allowed to collect on the cover:

    A. The water under the cover will become displaced, resulting in the loss of the chemically treated water in the pool

    B. Damage to your cover may occur

    C. Debris from the cover may fall into the pool water if the cover tears or is pulled into the pool.

    D. Allow over 6 inches of water, ice or snow on the pool cover over the winter. This will stretch and damage pool covers, and may damage your pool


  2. rlynn Says:

    Thank you for your post, Dave! Readers with questions about winter covers and their use can call the PoolGear Plus Tech Line at 888-718-7946.

  3. Faye@ Pool Covers Says:

    I totally agree! All pool owners must read your article. Its very informative!

  4. Miami Pool Service Says:

    I really liked your article. Easy to read, understand.