How DE Pool Filters Work

DE pool filter

Pentair FNS Plus DE Filter

Filtering your swimming pool water with diatomaceous earth (DE) gives you water that really sparkles.  That’s because DE pool filters remove the tiniest of contaminants – particles as small as five microns (an average grain of sand is 1,000 microns!).  Even though these particles can’t be seen individually, collectively they greatly affect pool water clarity.  

When diatomaceous earth is introduced into the pool filter system, it coats the filter cloth.  As water passes over the filter grids, the DE particles capture even the smallest suspended dirt particles.  When cleaning is needed, the water flow is simply reversed.  

Here’s why diatomaceous earth filters work so well.  Water passes through a series of DE-coated grids.  Under a microscope, DE looks like a collection of tiny sponges.  And just like a sponge, water can pass through, but microscopic impurities like dirt, algae, and some forms of bacteria can’t.  

Cleaning your DE filter with a heavy-duty liquid pool filter cleaner removes body oils, suntan lotions, organic materials and minerals, helping your DE pool filter operate more efficiently and last longer.  

To clean your DE filter, stop filter operation.  Bleed off excess pressure through the safety valve.  Remove the pool filter elements (grids) from the filter and rinse off excess dirt with a hose from top to bottom.  Place the grids in a bucket and add the proper dosage of filter cleaner.  Soak for eight to ten hours.  After soaking, rinse out excess pool filter cleaner with a water hose at maximum pressure.  Reinstall the grid and add new filter media.  Resume normal DE pool filter operation.

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