Energy-Efficient Swimming Pool Heaters

solar pool heatersA solar pool heating system is the most energy-efficient and affordable way to heat a swimming pool, and of course, also happens to be the most eco-friendly pool heating option. Solar pool heaters gather the sun’s rays and use them to heat the pool, making it warm and inviting. Besides helping Mother Earth by saving energy, solar pool heaters save money by utilizing a no-cost power source. And solar pool heaters are not difficult to install. The disadvantage of solar pool heaters is of course that when the sun isn’t available, your pool won’t stay warm. Many of our customers invest in both solar pool heaters and a second type of pool heater in order to minimize pool energy costs while extending their swimming pool seasons. 

A pool heat pump uses less energy when compared to a natural gas heater, though it won’t heat your pool as quickly.  Easy to install and maintain, pool heat pumps draw warmth out of the surrounding air and use it to heat the water, avoiding wasted energy.  For greater energy-efficiency, choose a protected heat exchanger, which allows the water passing through the unit to be warmed and returned to the pool. 

Modern natural gas pool heaters let you and your loved ones enjoy a warmer pool and a longer swimming season without the expensive fuel costs associated with inefficient, out-of-date heating system technology. Look for hydraulic performance, which saves power by cutting down on the circulation time of the pump, and low NOx emission, which is more environmentally friendly. Natural gas pool heaters raise the temperature of swimming pool water very quickly, offering use of the swimming pool on short notice.

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