ABCs of Salt Pool Care

A common misconception about salt pools is that no pool chemicals are required to maintain them. However, salt pools do require some pool chemicals as well as a consistent weekly maintenance program. Otherwise, they are subject to the same conditions – unsanitary pool water and the growth of algae, scum and scale – as chlorine swimming pools.   

As always, PoolGear Plus is here to help. We’ve adapted our ABCs of Pool Maintenance to apply to the care of salt swimming pools. This simple three-step process will help you manage salt pool care – it’s as easy as A, B, C.   


ABCs of salt pool maintenanceThe first step is to add the amount of pool salt necessary for maintaining the proper salt level in your pool. For a salt reading of 3000 ppm (parts per million), add 250 pounds of salt per 10,000 gallons of pool water. For more information, refer to the table on How to Increase Salt in Your Pool in Chapter 15 of our Pool Care Guide.   



ABCs of salt pool care Just as with a chlorine pool, the next step in weekly maintenance of your salt pool is to use pool shock. Salinity Oxidizing Pool Shock is specially-formulated for salt pools. This powerful non-chlorine shock oxidizer eliminates organic contaminants and rids your pool of harmful chloramines and irritating chloramine odors. You can swim again just 15 minutes after application.  



ABCs of salt pool maintenanceSalinity Multi-Purpose Algaecide, an algaecide that is specially-made for salt pools, should be added 12 hours after you use pool shock. This algaecide kills green, mustard / yellow and black algae and when used as part of regular salt pool maintenance, it prevents algae from growing in your salt pool. This algaecide is non-foaming and you can swim in your pool 15 minutes after use.   



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