What’s in a Spring Pool Kit?

pool kitPool kits provide an easy way for swimming pool owners to get all the pool chemicals they need to reopen their pools in spring.  Starting the season off with a healthy, clean pool is important if you don’t want to spend more time on maintenance than on enjoying your pool.  But what’s in a spring pool kit?

  • Pool Shock: Pool shock is very effective for pool start-up because it kills bacteria, eliminates organic contaminants, controls algae, and restores your pool water to crystal-clear clarity.  Your swimming pool must be shocked once per week throughout the season.  You may want to keep a non chlorine shock, which allows you to enter your pool just 15 minutes after application,  on hand for times when you and your family are eager to use the pool right away. 
  • Algaecide: A non-metal algaecide aggressively attacks algae, killing visible pool algae and preventing future algae growth. 
  • Metal Control: This pool chemical removes and controls scale, discoloration, and unsightly stains in swimming pools.  Metal control also helps extend the life of your pool plumbing by preventing mineral and metal buildup.   
  • Test Strips: Water test strips in your pool kit measure chlorine, pH, and alkalinity.  Simply dip them in a sample of your pool water, then match the colors on the strip to the color chart on the bottle. 

To save money on pool maintenance, consider upgrading your pool kit this year to one containing higher-quality and/or larger quantities of the pool chemicals you’ll need all season long. 

Posted: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 @ 9:28 pm
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