Applying Pool Shock

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Pool shock helps create a fresh, clean pool.

Pool shock is a vital part of swimming pool maintenance.  Shocking the pool means that you deliver a large treatment of chlorine in order to disinfect pool water quickly.  If you shut down your pool during the off-season, it’s very important to utilize pool shock as soon as you re-open the pool in the spring.  For maintenance, use swimming pool shock one time each week all through the season.  Our four-way pool shock eradicates bacteria, stops the growth of algae, gets rid of organic wastes, and oxidizes to provide clear, fresh, and beautiful pool water.

Pool shock is comprised of un-stabilized swimming pool chlorine, while the chlorine you use each day, ordinarily in the use of slow-dissolving chlorine tablets or sticks or possibly granular chlorine, is stabilized. Your pool’s chlorine levels will be too high for swimming for about 24 hours after pool shock treatment.  If you need to use your pool sooner, use our oxidizing non-chlorine shock – it allows you to enjoy your pool just 15 minutes after application!

Pool shock ensures that you get rid of chloramine in your swimming pool.  Chloramine is chlorine which has been employed to kill algae and microorganisms and, having done its job, has since become ineffective.  Chloramine in a pool results in a powerful chlorine odor together with stinging eyes when swimming, and prevents Free Available Chlorine, the chlorine that still holds disinfecting capacity, from achieving its purpose.

If you haven’t previously used swimming pool shock regularly and don’t know just how much chloramine is in your pool water, you can find out by getting a chlorine test kit that gives levels on Free Available Chlorine and Total Available Chlorine.  The difference between the two levels is the measure of chloramines in the pool.

The quantity of swimming pool shock you should employ is determined by the pool’s volume.  If you don’t know how much to apply, call 888-718-7946 for more information.  The most beneficial time to apply pool shock is the late afternoon or early twilight.  Turn on the pool filter and pump for a minimum of sixty minutes subsequent to shocking to help manage algae occurrence.

Pool shock products are also useful in the event that a variety of unwelcome conditions take place in your pool.  Since there is often more than one reason behind pool water problems, call 1-888-718-7946 to talk to a Pool Care Expert before you shock your swimming pool if you aren’t positive about the root cause.

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